In 1993, Marini s.r.l. was established as a laboratory for chemical and microbiological analyses serving agrifood businesses. Luisa Marini founded the Company and applied the experience she had acquired through many years of working at a laboratory inside one of Italy's largest slaughterhouses. Year after year she expanded her business, increasing the numbers, the level of professionalism and the skill sets. This growth in the laboratory permitted her to go beyond the microbiology and chemical sectors to include that of molecular biology and histology. In addition, the Company has always provided consultancy to businesses in the food supply chain.
In 1998, the laboratory at Marini s.r.l. was accredited by SINAL (accreditation no. 0198) and was then entered in the register of research laboratories by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (under Article 4, Law no. 46 of 17/02/82).
From 2007 on, all of the Group's activities have been synthesised under the registered brand, marinigroup®. The most advanced technologies are made available to a team of technicians with proven experience and professionalism in the fields of laboratory science, chemistry, biology, veterinary science, agronomy and biotechnology.
In 2015, the marinigroup® decided to move with the times and bolster its identity with a new name, Laemmegroup, while continuing to uphold the principles that enabled the Company to reach important milestones throughout the years. The new brand better represents the entire team.
2017 saw the launch of Laemmegroup Magazine, a publication that provides quality information on food safety and health protection. This editorial initiative is rooted in goals the Company has achieved, while simultaneously keeping an eye to the future.
On June 2018, Laemmegroup became part of the Tentamus Group, fully marrying its philosophy, based on: Global Thinking, Local Action. Tentamus, in fact, is a multinational of reference that works for the quality and safety agribusiness, environmental, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Thus open, new frontiers that allow, nowadays, the company to share know-how with partner laboratories around the world, bringing, to the local territories, the global competence of a Great Group.


The experience we have gained has taught us to face change and challenges with enthusiasm. It has also enabled us to refine competencies that in turn benefit our entire customer base. Such skills allow us to support our customers in every phase of their activity, including obtaining authorised health claims and approvals, designing new products and services, and attaining validation and verification of processes and products.
Food is our world. Our main customers are:
/ Breeders / Farms / Dairy Farms / Animal Feed Manufacturers / Plants for the transformation of meat-based products (slaughterhouses, cutting plants, laboratories for meat preparation and grinding) / Delicatessens / Mass Caterers / Large-scale Organized Distribution.


All of our activity is carried out by highly qualified staff members who are specialised in the specific type of intervention requested. Relying on the skills of the individuals, we have built up a Group that has a unique way of operating. The most advanced technologies and applied procedures and methods enable the staff to provide highly reliable analyses, interpret the results obtained, analyse the production processes and offer targeted consultancy to every customer. The purpose of providing this level of service is to work together with the companies to build a permanent partnership and a mutually satisfying relationship.
The activity we carry out is diversified in function of the various requirements:
/ Sampling and analysis / Consultancy on food safety and labelling / First-party and second-party audits / Staff training on hygiene, best working practices and HACCP / Consultancy on voluntary certification and the predisposition of manufacturing disciplines.


Our staff of experts work daily in our microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology and histology laboratories with the aid of the latest generation instruments to improve techniques already in use, make further developments and research new analytical methodologies.